Monday, April 6, 2009

Wizards pulls a fast one

OK, I'm no lawyer, but I AM a loyal customer who is willing to purchase products (and often does) via the interwebs. Yeah, I'm talking PDFs here. You know the evil electronic format. Sure, I like books, and when they're available I'll buy them. But I am not financially secure enough to go and dump $100+ on one of the LBBs. Sorry...

Well, to the point: WotC has pulled the licensing for the resale of all Dungeons and Dragons PDFs. In other words, you can no longer purchase any type of Dungeons and Dragons related PDF from anywhere...Not from Paizo, or from RPG Now, or from Drive Thru RPG, or anywhere else for that matter.

The crazy thing is that these companies were notified TODAY that they had to pull the plug on all of their customers by April 6! What the hell? That's, uh let me see, I'm not too good at that math-type stuff, but isn't that like 0 days of warning? How asinine is that?

I mean this kind of thing drives me up a wall. This sudden pulling of the rug out from under my feet w/out a word of warning is getting a little OLD WotC!

Sorry....I'm a little hot under the collar at the moment. They MIGHT have a valid, affordable alternative that's ready to roll out tomorrow. But even if this is so, why didn't they warn the rest of us? Why spring it on us? To cut down on "piracy"? I mean c'mon man... If SONY can't get a grip on piracy then you can't seriously think that WotC's got a chance in hell.

On the other hand, there's suddenly a HUGE void that's begging to be filled. Hint, hint all you old school worker bees out there. ;-)


Louis Porter Jr. said...

Oh yes, this was a BIBLICAL sized error. I can't stop laughing how silly this whole thing is.

kelvingreen said...

No, no, no, it makes perfect sense. Because WotC are of course making loads of money selling hardcopies of OD&D, and the new electronic, protection-free, version of Dragon is much harder to copy than the watermarked and locked pdfs sold through these sites.

Oh wait...

Gamer Dude said...

Yeah! (Scratches head...) I'm not seeing much sense here either. The thing the bothers me most is the WAY in which it was done.

That is their property (in theory...once it's released to the internet that can be arguable) to do with as they please. So if they're sure that there's a financial leak in the revenue stream then it behooves them to try and shore it up. Problem is, there is the "right" way to do things and the "wrong" way to do things. For some reason WotC seems to be determined to step on as many toes as possible in the process.

It's confounding...really.