Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Castles and Crusades (Session 5, Oct 27 09)

Players - PCs
Ed - Roog (1/2 ogre fighter)
Ray - Lassirial (Elf assassin)
Paul - Drizzle Spatchcock (Human MU)

*Thiala - (Human Female Paladin)
Elmo - (Human Ranger)

*My eldest daughter played Thiala (yeah, I spelled it wrong last posting), for a little while last night.

Two of our our players bowed out last night, so we played with 4 (3 after my daughter left.) and due to an imminent winter storm warning, cut it off a bit earlier than normal.

We opened with the group entering Hommlet about 2 hours before the dawn, after a long journey through the swamp and then west on the "Great Road". As they entered town they noticed small plates of food surrounded by nearly burnt-out candles, sitting on porches and steps everywhere.

Not sure what to make of this strange tradition, Elmo split off for home while the rest of the party proceeded to the Inn of the Welcome Wench. After waking one of Ostler's daughters they were soon sitting before a well stocked table of breakfast food. A few things of note occurred during the meal:
  1. Broog showed Ostler and the head cook his mushrooms (called Night Caps) that had been harvested from under the Moat House. They were indeed rare and according to Ostler, very expensive. So much so that the small bag, once traded, paid for breakfast, rooms and a "formal" dinner that evening which will feature dishes created with the special mushrooms.
  2. Ostler's daughter told them that the candles and food were for the fey folk. On each full moon and new moon a small sacrifice of food must be made, or the fey become upset and bad things happen.
  3. All the goods that the party garnered from their journey to the Moat House were laid out for others to view. Many workmen and locals, in for breakfast, saw the treasures and were amazed.
A well deserved rest followed the hearty breakfast, allowing the party to catch up on much needed sleep.

Eight hours later and the party is sending out invitations for the formal supper to those in town that might be interested in purchasing items from the Moat House. These people are also quite important dignitaries in town and it is for this reason as well that Drizzle is interested in them.

The list of invitees is as follows:
  1. Rufus and Burne
  2. Canon Terjon of the church of St. Cuthbert
  3. Brewmeister Jep
  4. Gremag and Ranos Davl from the Traders Establishment
And of course all the members of the party, Freddy, Fisk, Lassirial, Thaila, Brool and Drizzle, are in attendance as well.

Lassirial hangs back and carefully watches each who enters, trying to figure them out and assess their relative strengths. This information is then relayed to Drizzle, who stores it away for future reference. The assassin finds out some surprising things while verifying some suppositions:
  • Rufus and Burne are who they claim to be
  • Gremag and Ranos are more than they claim to be (Gremag also somehow recognizes Lassirial's assassin's symbol sewn into his clothing)
  • Canon Terjon is gruff, yet also quite experienced
  • Brewmeister Jep is who he says he is
  • Ostler is more than he says as well
Wine is poured and hors d'oeuvres are served while items from the Moat House are perused and conversation is had. Canon Terjon takes immediate interest in the silver sphere with the small black stone-tadpole within. He claims that it is a religious item from a long lost god, who he's not certain. But the item itself is called an Egg of the Old One, and he says it would be ill advised to handle another one. They've been lucky this time around.

Other items go to other people and all in all the group makes a grand total of 900 gold pieces! The following is a list of items sold:
  • A jeweled dagger
  • 2 bolts of fine cloth
  • Crystal flagon and 4 goblets
  • Inlaid wooden box with ivory handles
  • A couple suits of armor (2 leather, 1 scale and 1 ring)
  • A longsword, spear, and 2 short swords
All in all a pretty decent take.

This is where we ended it.

A couple questions for next session that the group might want to think about:
  1. Did you want to sell the sphere to Canon Terjon?
  2. What's the deal with Gremag and Ranos?
  3. The job at the Moat House is not yet finished...there's pay to be had via Burne.
  4. Burne would like to compare the party's maps of the Moat House with what he has.


Norman Harman said...


Is sussing people out an assassin ability? Or your house rule?

Gamer Dude said...

Well in Castles and Crusades the assassin has a "case target" ability...And with a decent roll I often allow them to utilize it in "creative" ways. ;-)

Norman Harman said...

Cool. I've skipped over Assassins in every rule set cause I just couldn't see how they'd fit into a "party" of adventurers. This session report goes long way in correcting that, thanks!