Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And a Giant passes

Well, it's a sad day in gamer land... Mr. E. Gary Gygax has passed away. I can't tell you what a blow this is. Like many, I'd never met the man but I can absolutely say that he influenced my life more than anyone else that I'd never met.

He was the architect of many a life during his tenure here upon this mortal coil. Creating more than a game, the man started a world wide movement. Where once stood the geeky sci-fi nerd with no outlet for his or her creativity, now stand a community of creativity, myriad in their numbers. He bound us with his vision. A godfather if you will.

My daughters are now playing rpgs. Sadly it's not Dungeons and Dragons in it's current rendition...which, personally I don't consider Dungeons and Dragons anymore anyway. Gary left and so fled the soul. Owned by the iron giant, the game has now morphed so dramatically that I can no longer recognize what it once was.

I diverge. Gary wouldn't want me ranting on about what the game is not. But rather, the joy that it brought to so many, in so many ways. The only regret I have is in not shaking his hand and telling him thank you.

RIP Ernest Gary Gygax
Father of Dungeons and Dragons