Saturday, December 10, 2011

Starting up Again

I'm going to use this "hibernating" blog to jot down some ideas for my girls. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles they've asked me to play again!

Where were we?

With the aid of the cleric Solomon Kane, they'd just conquered Aldern Foxglove and stopped his devious / diabolical plans to turn the population of Sandpoint into raving ghouls, and to win the attention of his Love, the elf Coral.

After their accomplishment, Solomon has invited the two to the city of Magnimar. Also, he's asked the two if they would like to join the Pathfinders, a group of "professional" adventurers.

Apparently there have been some murders in Magnimar that are too similar to what's happened here in Sandpoint to be of coincidence. And after the success here, the two adventurers have been requested from on "high"...things have become desperate indeed!


I've got an idea for a linked series, or campaign. After defeating the ghast, Aldern, in Sandpoint the characters are drawn into a series of murders in the city of Magnimar. The master mind behind these is the horror, Xanesha. Who's taking orders from others. (*a message notifying Xanesha that she's to keep Magnimar in terror and confusion in order to distract them from aiding Fort Rannick)

Next step would be Fort Rannick and answering the call of the Black Arrows, of which coincidentally Shalelu's father is one. The ogres are part of the giant incursion that has been spurred to madness and destruction by others in the shadows.

Mama Graul's "lover" is a hill giant lieutenant to Nosnra. He's also been feeding the Grauls information and weapons, which are of quite nice, if odd, craftsmanship. (made of an unknown black metal which can only be identified by the elves as Drow manufacture)

Naturally the trail leads to the despicable giant Nosnra who's been leading raids against small hamlets and villages located throughout the Sanos and Ashwood forests. Shalelu will ask the characters to accompany her in order to find out who was behind the death of her father. If this doesn't work, a small village that the girls travelled through (maybe even Sandpoint) will be ravaged by the attacks. Striking close to their hearts.

And on down the line: As they finish w/ Nosnra it will lead on to the Frost and Fire giants. From there down into the depths of the earth and eventually to Kiransalee and the city of Erelie Cinlu (sp), which of course has been decimated and occupied. The priestess has been waging a war against the surface world, as well as collecting bodies for an undead army.


- The Skinsaw Murders
- The Hook Mountain Masacre

Against the Giants
- Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftan
- Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
- Hall of the Fire Giant King

City of the Spider Queen and The Vault of the Drow

This is LONG campaign that will be run w/ the White Box rules. We'll see how it goes. I'm fairly certain that it won't ever be completed. But we can dream, right?

Wish us well.

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