Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gamescience Dice

Like many gamers, I have a love affair with polyhedral dice. It's unreasonable really...I mean c'mon, what's the deal? I have plenty of dice. I don't often throw dice away so I've got stuff laying around from some of the early days, way back in the late 70's / early 80's.

Now that I have children I've bequeathed some of these dice to them. But I still have a horde. I remember a few years back, I swore off buying more dice but then I saw Lou Zocchi's Gamescience video on Youtube and just had to purchase another set of dice.

So I went out and purchased a set of orange dice from Gamescience, and I can't express to you how much I love these things. They roll like dice are supposed to roll. They feel like dice are supposed to feel in your hands. And they're just plain cool looking.

Well this year I had a buddy of mine pick up some dice from Col. Lou at Gen Con. Some green Gamescience dice. Ah, true love yet again. These are simply beautiful dice...but I knew they would be.

There's only one thing missing from my collection, a d30. I have an old Armory d30 from way way back...but the edges are all rounded and the thing rolls across the table like a pregnant beach ball, never wanting to succumb to gravity and stop. Anyone know a place to get a razor edged d30? A Gamescience dice would be best. I know that during the Youtube presentation, Lou holds up a d30, but I've been unable to find one on the site.

Anyone out there know of a place to find one of these beauties?

Oh, and yes, that's Col. Lou holding my dice in that picture. w00t! Yeah, I'm a dice geek.


David Nett said...

I, too, was sucked in by Col. Lou's compelling pitch. I haven't gone so far as throwing away my other dice, but I did spend way more than I intended to on GS dice at GenCon.

Creator, GOLD the Series
can you take the hits?

ze bulette said...

Hey GD! Lookee here:

Ask and ye shall receive. Between you and Jeff Rients, I was sold on these Gamescience dice too! They really are different.

Gamer Dude said...

@ze bulette

You are DA man! Thanks much...