Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got a cool idea

If you're one of my players...don't read this. Seriously, knowing what's coming will ruin your fun.

<-----Players Stop Reading NOW-------->

I mean it!

For the rest of you: I've got this odd love affair with frogs in Dungeons and Dragons. I've always loved the giant frogs in the moat house. And I'm entertaining an idea where there's an ancient cult that's disappeared in the local area...but their temples can still be found in odd places. The Moat House is one of those.

The main temple is going to be on the Isle of Dread, and within the crater, where the Kopru currently hold sway, this will be replaced with Dwellers of the Forbidden City with Fane of St. Toad as the capstone.

Sure Tsathoggua has been done a ton...But man, I just love the shadowy cult that's been driven far underground with ties to a degenerate race idea, and a temple in the middle of an ancient abandoned city. That just screams swords and sorcery to me. I just need a few tie-in ideas.

What I've currently got is the Moat House with a different dungeon (an amalgamation of James M's Ruined Monastery) beneath it. The BBG is currently a lizard man shaman who's trying to reclaim the old monastery and resurrect the old faith. Tentatively I'd like to use a loose time line that supports something along the lines of:
  • Dim Past and height of cult
  • Civilization sweeps in and cult is driven back
  • Civilization recedes and cult is attempting to make small inroads (Current day)
This sort of allows the same type of build up that Hommlet supported in the first place. I could conceivably send assassins after our party once they've foiled the temple's plans in the Moat House. The replacement of the Temple of Elemental Evil would be the Isle of Dread and the Dwellers of the Forbidden City.

This is the current thread of my sandbox. It's my tent pole, if you will. I'll sprinkle all sorts of other things in order to fully populate the "box" and to keep the party busy. I'm now just looking for small little "links". Things that I can spread around that hints to the "behind the scenes" issues at stake.

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