Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Storm Seeds

My eldest daughter was telling me about this dream that she had...It was the inspiration for a character that she wants to create as well. She started telling me about this dream where she's got an ability to enter a natural storm, something big, like say a tornado or hurricane. Once there she can draw the power of the storm into itself, for lack of a better description.

Once she's done that, the storm's power dissipates and what's left over is a "seed", about the size of an avocado pit. With this power, her character walks around saving villages and people from horrible storms and then uses the seeds to defeat monsters.

It occurred to me that those "seeds" would make up an amazing magic item. So, presenting:

Storm Seeds

Storm seeds are an arcane remnant from the old druidical cult of Storm Callers. These rare druids have been systematically hunted and killed till there were no more left...But the Storm Seeds are a stark reminder of their power.

Generally found in a worn, heavy leather belt pouch that has druidic symbols written on the exterior, the seeds will look like a handful (2d4 seeds) of some kind of vegetable or fruit pit. The pits will appear worn and smooth, and if held in the palm of the hand will emit a very slight vibration.

Each individual pit will have a druid's sigil somewhere upon its surface. This sigil will not be visible to the naked eye but requires one of the druidic faith to see...and decipher. This sigil is generally a one word command that is uttered in order to activate the seed.

Once activated the seed must be thrown against a hard surface within 1d4 rounds in order to release the energy. This will in turn create a small, yet very violent, mini-storm of the following type:
  1. Tornado (2d6 dmg / 1d6 rounds)
  2. Hurricane (1d8 damage / 2d4 rounds)
  3. Sandstorm (1d6 dmg +blindness / 1d6 rounds)
  4. Water spout (1d6 dmg +drowning / 1d4 rounds)
  5. Blizzard (1d6 damage +freezing / 2d4 rounds)
  6. Thunderstorm (2d6 damage +slippery terrain (hail)/ 1d4 rounds)

If the seed is not thrown w/in the allotted time, it will either go dormant (75% chance) OR explode on its own (25% chance). The area of the storm is a 30' radius.

These seeds are very rare in the extreme and are a highly valued item of certain druidic circles...even to the point of hunting them down and killing for them.